So here I am, writing to try and make up for lost time with absolutely no direction. It’s time for a blog rebranding. I don’t know what I’ll write about now that I’m working out of college and in the workforce, but like many other things in my life it’s: to be determined.

If you don't live under a rock at the bottom of the ocean, you've probably heard of that reality TV show everyone and your mother tunes into on Monday evenings. "The Bachelor" is a dating show and guilty pleasure of about 7.3 million viewers. This show has ratings that most entertainment shows would kill for. It has a strong audience of 18-49 year olds, a demographic coveted by advertisers. Even watching week after week, we can learn more from this show than how to find love. 

Ask me what my favorite social media account is, and I will tell you @DennysDiner. Denny's, a chain restaurant, has an outstanding Twitter account. As a restaurant, Denny's would not be my first or even second choice, but their Twitter keeps them relevant in my mind. Their tweets combine pop culture, current trends, and memes to engage with their audience. They clearly have a tone of that cool, slightly-funny-but-sometimes-not adult that is easy to laugh and make fun of. I'd describe @DennysDiner as the "dad joke" of brands on Twitter. 

If someone were to ask me how I want to be remembered, I would say trustworthy, intelligent, and compassionate. If that is how I am remembered, I do not know. But I would like to think that the actions I take reflect the reputation I want. Meltwater reposted an article about the importance of reputation for both a brand and individual. It discusses why it matters and the reward from it. Reputation for a business comes down to three things: how others see the business, who the business is, and what the business communicates about itself. 

Then she asked us to think about our brand positions—why should we be hired, why should someone listen to me. I wrote down a couple sentences: 

I am an ambitious strategist with a passion for learning new things. I can adapt to different environments while still having a goal in mind. 

U.S. foreign policy have been undergoing changes and shifts since Trump's administration took over. Between the Muslim ban and threats to take out the troops stationed in Asia, our foreign allies are speaking out about their stances. 

Twitter is my favorite social media platform. Twitter gives me an inside look at what other people are thinking and doing. I've been able to keep up with friends back home in Hawai'i, Hollywood personalities, and my favorite brands. As I've gotten older, however, Twitter started to become more than a social app on my iPhone. It became a marketplace of ideas and trends.