"People do not buy goods and services. they buy relations, stories and magic" 

—Seth Godin


Why Pineapples & Public Relations?

Photo courtesy of Pineapple Supply Co. 

Photo courtesy of Pineapple Supply Co. 

Pineapples can be looked at as a social movement in the form of a fruit. Pineapples are the "cute" fruit we can dress up as for Halloween. We bring it as a house warming gift. Yet, it is just a fruit to consume. It is indigenous to South America, but throughout the 15th century, the pineapple spread to the Caribbean, Central America, etc. It was not a natural occurrence, but instead it was a result of human migration. Humans cultivated this social history for pineapples and made sure to share it with the world. Here is more about the symbolism of pineapples

Media spreads trends, like the pineapple, to every corner of the world. We have viral content meant to entertain and inform. Ideas travel across media platforms at the speed of a click. As an aspiring digital strategist, I'm interested in this spread of ideas as well as media itself. I want to observe how media allows us to communicate rapidly and share our reactions. 

So why Pineapples & Public Relations? Pineapples are a curiously cute trend, and public relations is my passion. Put them together, and I had a catchy blog title (and a good analogy).

I had a blog for a few years, but it became more of a burden than a hobby. I had the idea to start one again but no motivation—until my strategic public relations course. One of our assignments for the term was to create a blog, so we could practice writing and communicating. I'm excited to start a blog that mirrors my interests and passions, so if you are also interested in the different media platforms and their effect on social trends, stay tuned. 

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