"People do not buy goods and services. they buy relations, stories and magic" 

—Seth Godin


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People are on the edge of their seats wondering what is going to happen next since Trump and his administration took office. Well, we won't have to wait long seeing Twitter is already stirring with some new accounts—@altnatparkser, @altusda, @roguenasa, etc.—geared toward defying Trump and posting what their official counterparts cannot. 

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Trump and his administration are under fire for removing any mention of climate change from the White House and State Department websites. Memos from the White House were also released stating that any information regarding climate change and other science must be run by senior officials. Here is The New York Times article released Jan. 25, 2017 about the halt in communications. 

In response to what many are calling censorship, supporters of science created #resistance Twitter accounts to advance a movement of real facts and freedom. 

This is interesting because Twitter has evolved from more than just a form of media to entertain. Twitter is a tool and social media site that drives our society to participate in the government. Throughout Trump's campaign for presidency, he took to Twitter to voice his thoughts. People gathered on there for conversation—both in support and against his views. Now that he is president, Twitter users are continuing that pattern of discourse, and that kind of conversation is important to democracy. 

However, democracy is not just about conversation, but it is also about the collective action that can be taken from conversation. Social media is a tool to start it. Times are changing, and so is democracy. It is important that every citizen can participate in the revolutions they believe in, and social media are an easy way to do so. It allows people to come together through their social networks. Social media also allows activists to individualize their actions and goals to the interests of the people. 

The "rogue" and unofficial accounts started by those opposing Trump's actions and censorship are an example of how to step out of the box we call traditional media and take action. These accounts are run by activists, and their goal is to exercise their right to protest what is happening in our government and make a statement.

Twitter and these new communication channels are tools that are changing the way we participate in democracy.

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