"People do not buy goods and services. they buy relations, stories and magic" 

—Seth Godin


Top Tweets of 2016

Twitter is my favorite social media platform. Twitter gives me an inside look at what other people are thinking and doing. I've been able to keep up with friends back home in Hawai'i, Hollywood personalities, and my favorite brands. As I've gotten older, however, Twitter started to become more than a social app on my iPhone. It became a marketplace of ideas and trends. 

Viral videos and memes spread like wildfire via Twitter, but my tweets hardly get more than a few hundred impressions or tens of likes. 

Tweet of mine from April 12, 2016 after meeting Marcus Mariota 

Tweet of mine from April 12, 2016 after meeting Marcus Mariota 

This was my top tweet of 2016, and it's pretty obvious that it got that many likes because of my award-winning smile—not at all because it featured Marcus Mariota, one of the most famous alumni to come out of University of Oregon. It's interesting to think about how something starts trending on Twitter. So even if my social media presence isn't anything to rave about, here are 2016's top tweets

The first top tweet is anticlimactic. It's the Spanish word for "lemonade" with no context, but the author of that tweet was a famous gamer who was giving prizes for retweets. This guy was no Harry Styles, but he incentivized his audience, which obviously goes a long way with trending topics. 

The second top tweet was more of what I was expecting because it came from none other than Harry Styles. He tweeted using his birthday and a reference to Taylor Swift's song. This is an inside joke made by pretty much everyone who turned 22 in the past few years, so it has the relevance of any strategic media plan.

The third tweet was a snippet from Hillary Clinton from her speech post-election results. This tweet got more retweets than any of Donald Trump's, so that says something about good-natured content versus the opposite. Again, it also has that relevance that resonates with a majority. 

Twitter is teaching me a lot as I interact with media as a strategist. There are some key points that make these trends important enough to hold weight among the mass of movie quotes and memes—engagement, relevance, timeliness, and good intent. That should explain why my trending now sidebar has a good mix of award shows, words of encouragement, and funny hashtags. 

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