"People do not buy goods and services. they buy relations, stories and magic" 

—Seth Godin


Instagram vs. Snapchat: Stories

When Instagram first announced that it will launch Stories, it received criticism for being a Snapchat copycat. Instagram Stories were called a "Snapchatty feature" by Tech Crunch, and many of Snapchat's loyal users refused to humor the Facebook-owned social sharing app. However, how similar are these two features really? The answer to this question all comes down to the brand's goals. 

PR News highlights the pros and cons of Instagram and Snapchat Stories. The first notable difference between the two is the visibility gained from posts. Instagram makes it easy for a user to see what a public profile has up by searching or even on the explore feed. In contrast, Snapchat only allows those who add a profile to view its posts. This alone makes Instagram an ideal choice for most brands because Snapchat is more personal.  It forces its users to seek out who or what they want to view. Fifty percent of users on Instagram follow brands, so they are likely to engage more on Instagram than Snapchat.

Most brands are already on Instagram, so it was easier for them to connect with their audiences through the added Stories feature. Brands can provide sneak peek to users who are interested in what they have to offer. UCLA Athletics posted behind-the-scenes at practices and games. Chobani gave a peek at its delicious dishes and asked users what their favorite was. Travel + Leisure asked its followers to try and guess where in the world it was. Read more about these and other brands who are creatively using Instagram Stories to their advantage here and here

For all those who lost their opportunity to build a Snapchat following, Instagram allows them a chance to engage with their already established following in a new way. If DJ Khaled, the major key everyone followed on Snapchat in 2016, moved on to Instagram Stories, it's obvious why Instagram is eating up Snapchat's audience. 

We won't see Snapchat going anywhere though. I mean, how else will we share selfies with the dog filter? 

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