"People do not buy goods and services. they buy relations, stories and magic" 

—Seth Godin


to tweet do us part

Since the 8th grade, I have been a active member of the Twitter community. Over the years, my Twitter account has evolved to serve a different purpose. It began as a way to interact with my friends after school. Then it was a way to keep tabs on friends I used to know. Now, I use it to expand my professional network and keep track of what is happening in the world around me. I am a public relations and political science student, so Twitter has become a powerful tool for me to build my personal brand and follow some of my favorites in the industry. However, as dedicated as I am to the social media site, that doesn't mean Twitter will last forever as it is currently still looking for a buyer

While Twitter runs the risk of folding or evolving into something new, PR professionals are left to wonder what will happen to the industry with Twitter no longer a resource. This Forbes article expresses the opinions of four PR professionals on what happens in the age after Twitter. The common idea among the four seem to be that we will move on and utilize the next social media trend. 

As useful as Twitter is for PR professionals, Twitter is only one of many social media networks. This guide has different ways to use Twitter to your advantage, but the core ideas remain the same: connect and communicate with your audience. This is something that we have achieved before Twitter that we will continue to do so after. Other platforms can help with this as long as we continue to use it the same way as we have been. This means knowing our audience and producing content that is relevant and engaging. PR professionals do not need any one specific site to do that. We might lose an audience that uses Twitter more than another site, but chances are, those people will move on the the next big thing. 

Twitter is a trend that swept the internet away. People from all over the world use it in professional and personal ways, but this doesn't mean it will be the end of a marriage. It just means we will adapt, as we always do, as time goes on and children grow up. Connecting with audiences, reporters, and other professionals in the industry will move to another network as innovation breeds new types of media. It is important to remember that trends will come and go, but public relations is here to stay. 

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