"People do not buy goods and services. they buy relations, stories and magic" 

—Seth Godin


Foodies taking over

Food is something that everyone relates to, so naturally, it has taken over our social media platforms. Food is the new trend that every average social media user can jump on, and we call those users foodies. Foodies can be defined a few ways. A person with an interest in gourmet meals. Someone who can name all the hole-in-the-wall places. That girl on your Instagram who posts pictures of every meal she eats. Some foodies take it so seriously that it borders on professional.

Take this article about three young women who have gathered an impressive following of 767,000 on Instagram. These women are more than just average social media users—they're influencers. Their photos of delicious food are a marketing tool that restaurant owners are now utilizing. Free food in exchange for an artsy picture on my social accounts? Count me in. 

I wish it were that simple. These influencers can give our favorite food joints a serious leg up. For instance, Black Tap Burgers in New York City SoHo and their wave of delicious Instagram posts led to a Buzzfeed story and ABC's The Chew feature. This means foodies have enough impact to earn them a seat next to food critics and traditional media professionals. 

Traditional media still has an impact regarding a restaurant's reputation, but this bon appetit article discusses how social media posts can seem more honest in the food scene and how this industry works with the millennial audience. 

Knowing that foodies are a new trend in the game of food communication, Cision offers some key points on how to best milk the resource of food influencers: 

  1. Forge an emotional connection.
  2. Share the product's backstory. 
  3. Engage and communicate online.
  4. Don't default to games and tests.

Moral of the story: any trend that takes over media can influence a market. In this case, aesthetically pleasing and drool-worthy shots taken by foodies will add growth to the food industry. But with any trend, communicators and influencers must keep in mind that content will only be as engaging as it is authentic and relatable. 

Lines are long, but the pictures are worth it. 


Milk chocolate fondue from The Vintage in Eugene, OR. 

Milk chocolate fondue from The Vintage in Eugene, OR. 

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