"People do not buy goods and services. they buy relations, stories and magic" 

—Seth Godin


Will you accept this rose?

If you don't live under a rock at the bottom of the ocean, you've probably heard of that reality TV show everyone and your mother tunes into on Monday evenings. "The Bachelor" is a dating show and guilty pleasure of about 7.3 million viewers. This show has ratings that most entertainment shows would kill for. It has a strong audience of 18-49 year olds, a demographic coveted by advertisers. Even watching week after week, we can learn more from this show than how to find love. 

Simply Measured gives us 5 Things Your Brand Could Learn About Social Strategy from "The Bachelor." Monday evenings means a timeline flooded with the hashtag, #TheBachelor. This can be overwhelming due to the vast audience. However, "The Bachelor's" social team accepts the challenge with grace. 

"The Bachelor" knows what we are laughing at, and it is happy to provide us with jokes. It will pull GIFs and crack jokes about its contestants. This is a quick and easy way to catch the attention of millions. My personal favorite: 

Besides its own generated content, "The Bachelor" will not hesitate to share quirky stories about itself. @BachelorABC, the official Twitter account, shared an article from Bustle that poked fun at Nick Viall's choice of attire—a turtleneck. It even included a hashtag, #FashionFriday. This is a team that knows its audience and what's trending.

If you let me take a nap every time one of my teacher said to know your audience, I'd be sleeping through every episode of "The Bachelor." Knowing your audience is important when making them laugh with relevant content. 

One strategy that stuck out to me is the use of Snapchat, the social media app popular with younger audiences. The Bachelor teamed up with Snap Inc. to provide a "watch party" that is accessible for 24 hrs. It brings together celebrities, fans, and Bachelor/Bachelorette alums to hilariously react to the previous night's episode. This is a strategy that is consistent throughout the show run. It provides audiences with more of the highly addictive show even after the Monday night episode. Using Snapchat connects audience from all parts of life through mutual The Bachelor obsession while also playing off that humor aspect. Snapchat is an app every brand should carefully consider. It seems to be a social media trend that is here to stay with a unique perspective on content. 

Nick Viall might be unsure of what he should do every week, but The Bachelor's social team is confident it'll receive the final rose in most engaging strategies. 

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